Mouser Buy Button

1. Overview and Samples

The Mouser Buy Button is an easily embeddable and dynamic image for your web site that displays the real-time availability of a specific product from Mouser Electronics. When the button is clicked, a user is directed to the product's detail page, on Mouser's website, where they can find additional product information and purchase the item.


Template 1

Template 2

2. Integration

To integrate the Mouser Buy Button, simply add the HTML code below to your site. The code snippet has several parameters (in red) and variables (in blue) that must be configured so the correct data is displayed, and the button directs users to the correct detail page.

<a href=" Semiconductor" target="_blank"><img src=" Semiconductor&templateid=1&languagecode=en&stype=1"></a>

Note: Refer to the documentation below for acceptable values for the required parameters and variables.

3. Anchor Tag (<a>)

The anchor tag contains the URL that users will be directed to when clicking the button. In order for this link to work properly, the following parameters and variables are required:

  1. Subdomain: www - Depending on your language preference, you will need to insert the appropriate country code. Refer to the "Supported Languages" section below for acceptable values.

    Example: If your desired language is Czech, then the country code "cz" should be used in place of www.

  2. Part Number: pn - This should be replaced with the part number you want to display the availability for. In the code snippet above, 2N2222A is the part number being searched on.

    NOTE: This value must match the partnumber parameter in the img tag (see below).

  3. Supplier Name: sn - This should be replaced with the supplier name exactly how it appears on Mouser's website. In the code snippet above, Central Semiconductor is the supplier name being used.
  4. NOTE: This value must match the manufacturer parameter in the img tag, except when searching All Manufacturers (see below). If you want to search All Manufacturers, this parameter should be omitted.

4. Image Tag (<img>)

The image tag contains the URL that to the service that dynamically gathers product availability data and dynamically builds the image/button. In order for this to work properly, the following parameters and variables are required:

  1. partnumber - The part number you would like to do a search for.

  2. manufacturer - The name of a manufacturer you would like to do a search on. To search across all manufacturers, use the value "All Manufacturers".

    NOTE: Click Here to view a listing of all manufacturers.

  3. templateid - Valid values are either "1" or "2" (1 = Square layout, 2 = Rectangular layout).

  4. languagecode - Valid values are listed in the languages table below.

  5. stype - The type of product search to conduct. Valid values are either "0" or "1" (0= Wild Card, 1 = Exact Match).

    5. Supported Languages

    Language Code Language Country Code Country
    en English www United States
    en English au Australia
    de German at Austria
    fr French be Belgium
    pt Portuguese br Brazil
    en English ca Canada
    chs Simplified Chinese cn China
    cs Czech cz Czech
    en English dk Denmark
    en English fi Finland
    fr French fr France
    de German de Germany
    en English gr Greece
    cht Traditional Chinese hk Hong Kong
    en English hu Hungary
    en English in India
    en English ie Ireland
    en English il Israel
    it Italian it Italy
    ja Japanese jp Japan
    de German li Liechtenstein
    fr French lu Luxembourg
    en English my Malaysia
    es Spanish mx Mexico
    nl Dutch nl Netherlands
    en English nz New Zealand
    en English no Norway
    en English ph Philippines
    en English pl Poland
    pt Portuguese pt Portugal
    ru Russian ru Russian Federation
    en English sg Singapore
    en English za South Africa
    ko Korean kr South Korea
    es Spanish es Spain
    sv Swedish se Sweden
    de German ch Switzerland
    cht Traditional Chinese tw Taiwan
    th Thai th Thailand
    en English gb United Kingdom